Plastic Seas

Made in partnership with Plastic Free Falmouth and Artist Julia Kerrison.

This mural was unfortunately damaged in a recent traffic incident and has been taken down while repairs are being carried out. They will soon find a new home, keep your eyes peeled.

The mural has been created using pieces of plastic which were found on our beaches here in Falmouth. It illustrates just how much plastic ends up in our seas, and shows that if we work together as a community we can minimise the harm that plastic is causing to our environment. Julia Kerrison, lead artist on the mural, said “This project is very close to my heart; I believe art at its best can not only make the world more beautiful but also really engage people and raise awareness of the issues facing us and our vulnerable planet. All of us have donated our time, skills and materials in order to make this happen and I have no doubt it will have a big impact on the town and hopefully be the start of something wonderful."

Kirstie Edwards, lead on the Plastic Free Falmouth campaign said “it’s been a real joy to work on this project and see something so beautiful and visual developing, while also helping us spread the message about protecting our local environment and seas for future generations. The local community has really rallied behind our campaign and it’s exciting to be part of something so creative and stunning celebrating our work. We can’t wait to see what Creative Falmouth does next and we look forward to continuing to collaborate on this project going forward.

Behind the Art 'Plastic seas'


Kirstie Edwards (Plastic Free Falmouth)

Kirstie heads up the Plastic Free Falmouth campaign and works with the diverse community in Falmouth to tackle single use plastic. She’s a mum, a paddleboarder and a writer as well as being an ocean guardian and environmental campaigner.

Find out more about Plastic Free Falmouth - CLICK HERE


Julia Kerrison

Julia trained in theatre initially, and often works on large-scale works such as murals, theatre sets and stages for international circus productions and music festivals. She works mostly in acrylics, enjoying the versatility of the material and finely layering the paint to produce a variety of effects. She believes the lighting in a piece is the most important aspect.  She likes to tackle a variety of subject matter although much of her work is nature-based or inspired by the beaches near her home.


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