Gylly Glide

This mural, called Gylly Glide, is by local artists Clara Jonas and Charlotte Higgins.

‘We are celebrating the beauty Falmouth has to offer. In the hope that the people who live and visit our beautiful coastline take a moment to think about what they might lose, if we continue to use plastic in the way we do at the moment.’

Behind the Art 'Gylly Glide'


Clara Jones

Clara a graphic designer, illustrator and brush lettering artist from Cornwall.

Creativity is an inherrentpart of me and something that I bring to every aspect of my life, just as I draw upon aspects of my life and experiences for inspiration. Particularly with the lifestyle I have been so lucky to have in Cornwall. For me, design and illustrations should be curious and authentic.



Charlotte Higgins

Charlotte Higgins a graphic designer and illustrator from Cornwall, Being the only girl of quads I have grown up with determination and enthusiasm as there was always friendly competition between myself and my three brothers in everything we did. This, paired with being brought up in the first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the Gower Peninsula has nurtured my creative passion and curiosity. Inspired by some incredible murals after studying in Melbourne, I wanted to get involved in a project at home to try and highlight the issue of plastic pollution through art.